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Hapori hou: Tauriko ki te uru

New community: Tauriko West

Tauriko West, on the edge of Tauranga, is one of the large-scale urban developments proposed to support our region’s growth, delivering a new community with up to 4000 new homes, potentially starting around 2027.

Further Submission period has now closed

Thank you to everyone who made a further submission on Variation 1 to Plan Change 33.

We will now consider all submissions received and prepare a report to assist the independent hearings panel in making recommendations on the Variation.

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Tauriko Enabling Works: construction starting in March 2024

Work has started on significant upgrades to SH29 which will take approximately three years. These upgrades will improve safety at intersections of State Highway 29 with Redwood Lane, Belk Road and Cambridge Road. They will enable the development of the first 2400 homes within Tauriko West from 2027, support continued development of Tauriko Business Estate, and improve access to public transport. The upgrades are delivered by NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi in partnership with Tauranga City Council.

Programme overview Access the details on the NZTA website

Planning for a new community at Tauriko West is part of Tauriko for Tomorrow – a collaborative project driven by four key partners, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Tauranga City Council and NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi (NZTA), and working closely with mana whenua hapū through Te Kauae a Roopu.

We are working together to create great communities and a safe transport network in the western Bay of Plenty to cater for growth and implement the vision of SmartGrowth for the wider region, starting in Tauriko West.


Tauranga and the western Bay of Plenty continue to experience strong population growth and as a result, more land is needed for housing. We have identified Tauriko West as an ideal location to set up a new community and provide more residential housing to cater for this growth.

Opening the area for residential development requires improvements to the transport network. We are working with NZTA, stakeholders and the community to deliver the changes required along SH29 in the short term to enable the first stages of housing development (the Tauriko enabling works). In parallel, the NZTA Board has endorsed the preferred option for future improvements in the area, supporting safety, freight movements and improved travel choice including buses, walking and cycling.

Progress on the structure plan for the new community at Tauriko West and technical investigations such as geotechnical, stormwater and environmental assessments are nearing completion, and we have developed proposals and ideas for the new community.

Subject to completing the planning process, we expect that the first houses will start being built from around 2027 onwards.

Tauriko for Tomorrow project website

Building a new community

To create a thriving, safe, resilient and connected community that is well-served by amenities, we’ve developed proposals and ideas for the new community – where houses, open spaces, schools and other facilities could be located, as well as ways to protect the natural and cultural environment. 

The draft land use plan shows the extent of land that may be developed for residential use, along with:

  • Riverside reserve, escarpment areas, and open space.
  • Connections to the short and long-term transport improvements.
  • Multimodal links to Tauriko Business Estate and the wider city.
  • Opportunities to connect walkways/cycleways along the Wairoa River.

Tauriko for Tomorrow Draft Land Use Plan

Proposals for the new community

The planning process

Building the new community at Tauriko West requires changes to the Tauranga City Plan. This is a statutory process under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

Currently, the land within Tauriko West is zoned rural. We need to change the City Plan to rezone the land to allow housing to be developed. The plan change will also outline the planning rules that will apply to the development and guide consent decisions.

Final decision making will involve independent hearings commissioners who make a recommendation to Council, and if necessary, the Minister for the Environment – instead of appeals to the Environment Court. 

To prepare for the rezoning of Tauriko West, the change to the urban limits line (Bay of Plenty Regional Council) and local government boundary alteration (Western Bay of Plenty District Council) have already been completed.

Working with mana whenua

We continue to meet regularly with mana whenua through Te Kauae a Roopu, a partnership group made up of six hapū with links to Tauriko West and who whakapapa to Tauranga Moana iwi Ngāti Ranginui.

The six hapū are Ngāti Kahu, Ngāti Rangi, Ngāti Pango, Pirirakau, Ngāti Hangarau, and Ngāi Tamarawaho.

Te Kauae a Roopu was established in 2017 to incorporate Māori knowledge, perspectives, and values into decision-making processes for Tauriko for Tomorrow, in partnership with other key stakeholders including NZTA, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, and Tauranga City Council. The group has regular hui to work on assessments and investigations relating to technical design and specifications, and to ensure key cultural values are aligned in all aspects of the project.

Providing access – the transport network

To support the delivery of urban growth at Tauriko West and in the wider Western Corridor, the Tauriko for Tomorrow partners are developing and implementing plans for transport improvements in the area. The transport plans aim to improve access to Tauriko Business Estate and Tauriko West, improve safety for all users, increase opportunities for public transport and active transport, protect freight routes to the Port of Tauranga, and open up the Western Corridor of Tauranga for housing and urban development.

Through this work, NZTA and Tauranga City Council have identified initial transport improvements required in the area which kicked off in March 2024; and future upgrades to the transport network in the area.

Short-term transport improvements: Tauriko Enabling Works

NZTA and Tauranga City Council are delivering a package of short-term transport improvements in the Tauriko West area. The purpose of the enabling works is to improve safety at the SH29/Redwood Lane and SH29/Cambridge Road intersections, enable development of the first 2400 homes within Tauriko West, support continued development of Tauriko Business Estate, and improve access to public transport, walking and cycling.

Construction of the enabling works started in March 2024, and is expected to take around three years to complete.

Take a look at the planned improvements along SH29

Enabling works
Enabling works

Click the images for a larger version.

The Tauriko Enabling Works include:

  • a new roundabout at SH29/Redwood Lane to connect to Tauriko Business Estate via Kaweroa Drive and provide access to the southern part of Tauriko West via Redwood Lane.
  • a new shared walking and cycling path connecting Redwood Lane to Kaweroa Drive, crossing underneath SH29.
  • closure of the existing SH29/Belk Road intersection, with traffic redirected through Tauriko Business Estate to the new SH29/Redwood Lane roundabout. The existing SH29/Belk Road intersection will be closed once the connecting roads and the new SH29/Redwood Lane roundabout have been completed.
  • a new signalised intersection and access road into the urban growth area from Tauriko Village/ SH29.
  • Widening of SH29 through Tauriko Village and Cambridge Road, including provision of a new shared walking and cycling path along the northern side of SH29.
  • an upgrade of the existing SH29/Cambridge Road intersection with traffic lights and a new connection to Whiore Avenue for buses, walking and cycling only.
  • a new footpath along the southern side of Whiore Avenue and provision for future bus stops. The new bus stops and an on-road, 2-way protected cycle lane between the SH29/Cambridge Road intersection and Taurikura Drive will be installed once the first homes in the new Tauriko West community have been developed and demand increases.
  • critical services into the new growth area including water, wastewater, and stormwater systems, meeting the needs for the new community.

You can find information on the progress of the Tauriko Enabling Works on the NZTA website; and sign up to receive regular project updates via email.

Tauriko Enabling Works – NZTA

Future improvements: the Tauriko Network Plan

The NZTA Board has endorsed the Tauriko Network Connections Detailed Business Case which looks at future transport upgrades to State Highway 29, State Highway 29A and State Highway 36 in the Tauriko West area.

The preferred option includes a new four-lane State Highway 29 from Redwood Lane to the new Takitimu North Link interchange, existing SH29A widened to six lanes (two bus-only, four general traffic) from Takitimu Drive Toll Road to Barkes Corner, integrated walking and cycling connections and an improved public transport network.

Some of these upgrades are necessary to unlock the full development capacity of the Tauriko West urban growth area (up to 4000 homes).

The endorsement enables funding to be sought by NZTA for the preferred option via the upcoming 2024-27 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) prioritisation process.

Tauriko Network Plan – NZTA

Key information

Project type
Major projects
Planning, design and renewal


Pyes Pa / Tauriko

Key dates

  • January to June 2017

    Engagement on the vision for Tauriko West, Transport Network Plan recommendations, changes to the urban limits and boundary adjustments.
  • May to October 2018

    Change of the urban limits line within the Regional Policy Statement. The change was approved in October 2018.
  • Mid 2018 to 2020

    Engagement on the boundary alteration process, including Local Government Commission process. The boundary change came into effect on 1 January 2021.
  • May-June 2021

    Engagement on the draft structure plan, the enabling transport works and the short list for the long-term state highway improvements.
  • May-June 2022

    Engagement on the long-term transport options, and updates on the planning for the new community, and the short-term transport improvements (enabling works).
  • March 2024

    Notification of the proposed plan change to rezone Tauriko West to enable urban development.
  • March 2024

    Start of construction of the short-term transport improvements (enabling works) along SH29.
  • Ongoing

    Engagement with mana whenua, stakeholders, landowners and key interest groups.

Who's listening

Structure planning and rezoning
Tauranga City Council

027 272 1505

Short-term transport improvements
Tauranga City Council

07 577 7000

Transport improvements
NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi

07 927 6009


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Tauriko for Tomorrow brings together multiple strands of work led by different organisations. Use the links below for more info on the umbrella project and its various components.

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We want to work together with our communities, to embrace the area’s history and build and protect the environment, while creating the region’s newest community.

It is important that we get the planning right, together. The success of this project will require a good understanding of what outcomes we want to achieve for the community, and what the community wants.

As we progress the various components of the project, community and stakeholder engagement is essential. Throughout the project, you’ll have the opportunity to find out about progress and share your thoughts at open days, workshops and surveys.

To be informed of opportunities to be involved, sign up for the Tauriko for Tomorrow e-newsletter above.

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