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City centre buses

We're making it safer and easier for people to move around our city no matter how they choose to travel – including by bus.

We’re replacing the temporary bus interchange on Durham St with several new bus stops spread across the city centre.

This means local buses will serve more parts of the city centre and it will be easier to catch a bus without having to walk across town.

We’re also moving the inter-regional (Intercity) bus stop closer to some of the new local bus stops so people can transfer between services more easily.

Tauranga city centre bus stops

Tauranga city centre bus stops (1.16mb pdf)

Progress so far

Council approved the following city centre bus stop locations in March and April 2024:

  • North: Up to six bus stops on Dive Crescent, near the Cargo Shed.
  • Middle: Four individual bus stops on Harington St and Hamilton St, plus two bus stops near Baycourt.
  • South: Six bus stops on Durham St (between Elizabeth St and Spring St)
  • Inter-regional (Intercity): On Elizabeth St (between Durham St and Grey St)

We expect all the middle and southern bus stops to be operating by the end of 2024.

Some of the northern (Dive Crescent) bus stops will only be built when they are needed for increased passenger numbers.

The current temporary interchange on Durham St will be removed when the new southern bus stops are operating.

Next steps

We’ll be discussing our plans in more detail with people directly impacted by the new bus stop locations – especially on Durham St and Elizabeth St.

We’ll do our best to ensure the bus stops minimise the effects on people’s properties and businesses.

We’ll be looking to progress with this project as quickly as possible during 2024 to provide certainty to bus users and our wider community.

During this time, we will also be working with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council on ways to reduce the number of buses parked or idling in the city centre.


The Commissioners decided on the bus stop locations after several members of the public presented their views to Council, and after staff had intensive discussions with many people who have an interest in bus stop locations – including property owners, developers, business owners and special interest groups.

The Commissioners acknowledged during the Council meetings that there are no perfect locations for bus stops that will suit everybody.

However, the approved locations offer the best achievable balance between meeting the needs of bus users, and people with properties and businesses near the bus stops.

Temporary bus interchange

Currently, Tauranga city centre’s main bus facility is a temporary interchange that has been operating on a stretch of Durham St (between Spring St and Wharf St) since June 2022.

It was moved there from Willow St to allow development of the city’s new civic precinct, Te Manawataki o Te Papa.

It will be removed when the new Durham St bus stops are operating one block to the south.

More information

Bay of Plenty Regional Council runs the city’s bus network, while Tauranga City Council owns infrastructure such as bus stops, bus shelters, bench seats and bus lanes.

The two councils work together to coordinate this system.

For more information about buses, the Baybus network and bus schedules, contact the regional council.

You can find out more about the Tauranga city centre transformation in the Council’s City Centre Action and Investment Plan 2022-32 (11.4mb pdf).

Key information

Project type
Transport and movement


City centre

Key dates

  • Development work starts on permanent interchange facilities

    October 2022
  • Conversation with key stakeholders regarding interchange facilities starts

    February 2023
  • Technical work progresses

    November 2022 – February 2023
  • Engagement with our affected communities regarding interchange facilities

    February - March 2023
  • Review feedback and develop Business Case

    April - December 2023
  • Bus stop locations confirmed

    March-April 2024
  • Bus stops constructed

    July-December 2024

Who's listening

Civic Redevelopment Project Team
Tauranga City Council

07 577 7000

Other ways to get involved

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