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Whakahounga papa retireti huri i te taone

Destination skatepark and citywide skatepark improvements

In collaboration with members from our local skate community, we’ve designed an exciting new destination skatepark in Mount Maunganui. We’re also upgrading other skate facilities across our city.

Destination skatepark

How do you like to roll? Whether your wheel-spinning bent is skateboarding, scooting, BMX, roller (quads) or inline skating, spinners are winners when it comes to the development of a new destination skatepark at Mount Maunganui and Tauranga’s citywide skatepark improvements. 

All ages and abilities

Encompassing over 3000sqm, the destination skatepark will cater to all ages and abilities and will help contribute to the broader physical, mental and social wellbeing of the community. Designed in collaboration with the local roller community, it will be the go-to destination for all roller codes and modes - whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie ready to give it a roll.

Currently under construction on the corner of Maunganui and Hull Road, the skatepark has been designed in 'zones'. Zones one and two include facilities for more experienced skaters and zones three and four are specifically designed for developing basic and intermediate roller skills.

Key features

Standout features of the wider skatepark include a large flow bowl, a surf/skate ditch, competition style stairs, and a street skate area. Key features of the beginner to intermediate skate area include a learner's skinny ledge, a learner's rail, a small quarter pipe, a large flat concrete pad and many other street-skate obstacles.

See it in 3D

Locals will be itching to get their skate on once the new skatepark is completed, until then, check out a 3D model of the skatepark on display at our Mount Hub Office (9 Prince Avenue, Mount Maunganui) or read more about the destination skatepark and other citywide skatepark improvements below.

Location of destination skatepark – Hull Road, Mount Maunganui

The new destination skatepark will be located on the corner of Hull Road and Maunganui Road, opposite the New World supermarket on Maunganui Road.

This site was chosen for a number of reasons, including:

  • its high-profile location which will add value to the surf/skate culture in Tauranga
  • excellent passive surveillance (people can keep an eye out for each other)
  • its proximity to a range of amenities including shops, toilets, Mount Maunganui beach and Blake Park
  • its location on existing cycleway and public transport routes, enabling easier access by foot, bike, skating and other roller modes
  • it can be integrated with planned traffic and pedestrian safety improvements along Maunganui and Hull Roads, and Tweed and Dee Streets in 2023-2024
  • it offers good opportunities for linking different skate zones together.

Design of destination skatepark

Stand out features of the destination skatepark will include a flow bowl, a surf/skate ditch and competition style stairs, and a street skate area.

It is also designed with other park amenities such as landscaping, toilets, seating, drinking foundations, shade sails and a barbecue so it’s a place where people will want to come and stay, as opposed to being purely a technical skatepark for roller users.


Funding for the skatepark was initially secured from TECT, the Lottery Community Facilities Fund, New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT), and Project Tauranga for zones one and two. This area includes facilities for more experienced skaters. Additional funding from the Grassroots Trust, NZCT, and The Lion Foundation was recently confirmed, allowing for the development of zones three and four, which are specifically designed for developing basic and intermediate roller skills.

Destination skate park

An artist's impression of the new destination skatepark planned for the corner of Hull and Maunganui Roads.

Flat bowl

The destination skatepark will include a flow bowl.

Snake run

The destination skatepark will include a snake run.

Citywide skatepark improvements

Pāpāmoa is the proud home of the recently revamped Gordon Spratt Reserve skatepark, designed in collaboration with experienced local skaters and the Acid Skatepark crew, who also constructed the skatepark. The skatepark includes a range of quarter pipe and street style features such as a manual pad, a street hip, a euro gap, A-frame ramp, stairs, ledges and rails. The skatepark’s footprint has increased by around 300sqm to an overall size of approximately 900sqm. Lighting has also been installed to enable use of the park when night falls. 

Memorial Park skatepark recently received a facelift, with the addition of a new mini ramp (in partnership with Sam’s Skate School) and a new wedge ramp. Other upgrades included a quarter pipe and some fun street-skate obstacles such as a manual ledge, a pole jam, a glass reinforced concrete (GRC) standard ledge and bank ledge, three different types of kerb grinders, and a fire hydrant with GRC kicker.

Survey and co-design group

In October-November 2021 we surveyed wheel-spinning user groups such as skaters, scooters, trick BMX and other roller groups to help inform why and where you skate and what makes a good skatepark. There was also an opportunity for you to register your interest to be part of the community design group.

The 24-member community design group met in February, July and August 2022 with the skatepark designer and council staff. With a location now determined, the skatepark concept will continue to evolve from this process. Engagement and working with the community in this co-design arrangement is central to the project. 

Read more about the community design group and your response to our survey below.

Skatepark design process ready to roll

Skate park workshop
Skate park workshop

The community design group met in February 2022 for the first of a series of design workshops.

Why is Council building a destination skatepark?

Through the Long-term Plan we have funding allocated for the upgrade of existing skate facilities and a contribution towards a destination skatepark.

Our growing skater community has told us our existing skate facilities are outdated and don’t provide for different skating experiences i.e. scootering, skateboarding, BMX, inline and roller skating.

Tauranga has a long history of being one of Aotearoa’s favourite surfing destinations. This ‘brand’ of outdoor adventure sports also includes skateboarding and other roller sports and is important to the people of Tauranga.

The skating industry has told us more people have been taking up surfing and skateboarding in Tauranga since the addition of these sports to the Olympic programme.

Skating is an accessible and inclusive activity, with active participants from a range of demographics, gender and backgrounds.

Skating provides physical, mental and social benefits. It’s a fun, unstructured, affordable activity that promotes being active and creative in suitable outdoor environments.

Key information

Project type
Health and wellbeing
Parks and recreation


Mount Maunganui / Arataki
Pāpāmoa / Pāpāmoa East

Key dates

  • Funding approved for upgrade of existing skate facilities and contribution towards destination skatepark in the 2021-2031 Long-term Plan

    July 2021
  • Consulting with skate community

    29 October- 28 November
  • Co-design group selected and concept design process begins

    January 2022
  • Location of destination skatepark announced

    June 2022
  • Concept design complete for destination skatepark

    Late 2022
  • Memorial Park skatepark improvements

    November 2022
  • Design complete for destination skatepark

    Early 2023
  • Enabling works for destination skatepark

    December 2022 - June 2023
  • Gordon Spratt Reserve skatepark improvements

    May to September 2023
  • Construction of destination skatepark begins

    July 2023
  • Completion of destination skatepark 

    Mid 2024

Who's listening

Community Relations Team
Tauranga City Council
07 577 7000

Community grants

Tauranga City Council is being supported in this project by community grants from TECT, NZCT, the Lottery Community Facilities Fund, Grassroots Trust, The Lion Foundation and Project Tauranga.

Other ways to get involved

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