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Pānui hangahanga Cameron rori

Cameron Road construction updates

The transformation of Cameron Road is now underway between Harington Street and 17th Avenue.

We are building new peak travel-time bus lanes, a two-way cycleway, along with improvements to make the area safer and more walkable, attractive and community-friendly. Construction of Stage 1 is planned for completion by end of 2023.

Latest road closure information

Construction updates

Take a look at our bi-monthly construction updates and see the progress the team has made.

Construction update - October 2023 (2.2mb pdf) Construction update - August 2023 (2mb pdf)
Construction update - June 2023 (2.3mb pdf) Construction update - April 2023 (2.2mb pdf)

Colouring-in activity for kids

Download our colouring-in activity for kids and learn more about the construction on Cameron Road together.

Cameron Road construction colouring-in activity (63kb pdf)

Love Local Guide

To support local businesses during construction, we have an online directory of businesses and retailers located along Cameron Road. Check out all the different retailers and businesses along this road, such a wide and diverse offering.

Love local guide (1.1mb pdf)

Wastewater pipe replacement

Some pipes underneath Cameron Road are still made of clay and are over 100 years old. We are taking the opportunity to prepare for growth and replace and upsize the old wastewater pipes. This upgrade of our wastewater assets will help to realise the Te Papa Spatial Plan, supporting more housing and business developments along the Cameron Road corridor. Around 3km of sewer pipes underneath Cameron Road and connecting to properties and side streets will be upgraded.

Please take extra care travelling through this construction zone and keep to the 30kmph speed limit. It is in place for the safety of all road users and our construction workers. We thank you for your patience and understanding while these essential upgrades are underway.

Main construction works

The streetscape upgrade along Cameron Road is making steady progress. Some of new facilities are emerging, including new footpaths, driveways, two-way cycleway and garden beds. Once each section is complete, the team will continue up the road on the eastern side, then move across the road on the western side and back down again.

The construction work involved to create the new facilities includes upgrading the stormwater system. This work is below the surface and requires careful co-ordination around other services. While it may appear there is not a lot of work happening above ground, the work is progressing below.

Construction zones

Latest road closure information

Vehicle access

Traffic will be impacted during the day and at times during off-peak hours at the section of road being worked on. Temporary traffic management will be in place, however access for all residents, businesses and retail will be maintained. The parking area will be closed in sections of the road where work is taking place.

The road layout is changing so some things will look and work differently. Temporary signs may change as work begins or is completed.

Always look before you turn into or off the road and obey all traffic signs. Watch your following distances so you can stop safely. You cannot drive, park or stop on a footpath, shared path or two-way cycleway.

Bike riders

Construction sites are busy, and there’s a lot going on. Share with care and be alert during construction, particularly when visibility is reduced. Where the on-road cycle lane is not available for use, signs advising ‘cycleway closed ahead’ let people who are driving and biking know there are lane changes ahead. Following this sign, cones and signs show bike riders where to move onto shared paths. These signs also let people walking know they may be sharing the path with people on bikes. The shared path is at least 2.2 metres wide. Where ‘road closed ahead’ signs are present, these affect all road users, including people on bikes. If the cycleway is closed, we encourage people who bike to divert to the shared path.


Access will be maintained for pedestrians on a shared pathway in the closed left lane. This will be shared with bike riders through the construction zone. It’s due to be completed late 2023. Until then, all road and path users should be extra careful.

Meet the team – Zane Hawken, Zone Manager

Zane Hawken, Zone Manager

What’s your role and how did you begin your career?

My role involves coordinating various aspects of intersection work, including traffic management, construction sequencing, traffic signal installation, kerbs and footpaths, road pavements, and stormwater. Essentially, I oversee everything that takes place in the areas I have been designated.

I started my career by pursuing an engineering degree at the University of Canterbury. This led me to secure an internship with Downer, where I gained valuable experience and developed a passion for construction. Since then, I have been involved in various construction projects, such as building roads, pipes, bridges, and train stations.

I have recently relocated to Tauranga, but prior to that have worked in a variety of different locations. These include constructing a bridge in Te Kuiti, a roading upgrade in Rotorua, a wastewater treatment plant in Hamilton, a two-year stint in London constructing a tube station, and three years in Christchurch working on a motorway project.

What does a typical day involve?

I typically start the day by attending the 7am pre-start meeting, where I catch up with all the crews and ensure we have a plan for the day. Following that, I visit the various sites where we’re working for the day to assess progress, address construction issues, provide guidance on problem-solving, and conduct quality checks. Afterwards, I usually head back to the office to perform planning work for future projects, such as scheduling subcontractors, procuring materials, and organising necessary equipment. Additionally, I coordinate extensively with other teams, including designers, Tauranga City Council, and our communications team.

Are there any challenging aspects of your job?

Many aspects of the job are challenging, particularly the unexpected factors such as underground surprises, machinery malfunctions, and adverse weather conditions. A big challenge on the Cameron Road project is the uncertainty beneath the ground. Despite lots of planning, the true nature of what lies beneath remains hidden until excavation begins. This often leads to unforeseen obstacles such as encountering obstructing poles, requiring swift plan adjustments to keep the project on track.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

My favourite part is at the completion of a job – whether it’s a road or a bridge or pipeline – it’s rewarding to be able to step back and appreciate the engineering and hard work that’s gone into constructing it.

What are you looking forward to once the upgrades to Cameron Road are complete?

Cycling down the new two-way cycleway and admiring all the work we have completed.

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Major projects
Planning, design and renewal
Transport and movement


City centre

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This project is part of the work we are doing to build our future. Cameron Road, Te Papa.

Building our future. Cameron Road - Te Papa

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