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Cycleway tips

Tohutohu kaieke paihikaraa me ngā kaihautū

Cycleway tips for people who cycle and drivers

Cameron Road’s new two-way cycleway is taking shape. This is a significant change for both drivers and people who cycle, and we all need to play our part to keep each other safe.

Here are some safety tips to think about to help adjust to the new road layout when the cycleway is complete.


  • Drivers need to watch out for cyclists. Remember to look both ways when turning.
  • Drivers need to give way to cyclists and pedestrians at driveways.
  • Drivers must give way at intersections to anyone using the two-way cycleway.
  • Parking, driving and stopping on the cycleway and shared path is prohibited.
  • During construction, be aware of road layout changes as some areas will look and work differently. Temporary signs may change as work begins or is completed. 
  • Pay attention to the temporary traffic management signs in place and adhere to the speed limit.

Drivers need to give way to cyclists at intersections and driveways

Drivers need to give way to cyclists at intersections and driveways.

People who cycle and scooter riders:

  • On the two-way cycleway, keep left and pass with care on the right. Use your bell or voice to let other users know you’re approaching.
  • Look before you cross roads. Use your bell or voice to let other users know you’re approaching. 
  • Take particular care with vehicles turning in and out of driveways. Stay alert – look, listen and slow down in busy shared areas.  
  • See and be seen - watch for other road and path users. Wear brightly coloured clothing, and if riding at night turn your lights on and add some reflective material.
  • Make eye contact with drivers when possible and check over your shoulder before making any turns. Use your hand signals to clearly indicate your intentions.
  • Stay alert - continually scan for other road users such as bikes slowing in front of you, people getting off buses, or crossing the paths, and vehicles turning in or out of driveways. Listen to your surrounds – take your airpods out.

Staying safe using Cameron Road flyer (28kb pdf)

Cycle and scooter riders


We realise there are many more people riding e-bikes and that is why the cycleway has been designed separating pedestrians and traffic to cater for the variety of speeds that cyclists might use. On average an e-bike speed is around 25km/h. We are working hard to ensure that all people take care and be aware of the way they use the cycle lanes in Tauranga.

Our Adult Cycle educator is available for adults to upskill and gain confidence in using new infrastructure, both on e-bikes and ordinary bikes.

Find out more about Travel Safe education

Shared paths

Grey pavers have been used to indicate a shared area, where all users need to be aware of each other. In shared use areas there may be a bus stop or a signalised pedestrian crossing. The pavers help indicate to cycleway users where the cycleway becomes a shared use area.

An example of a shared use area, with signalised pedestrian crossing.

An example of a shared use area, with signalised pedestrian crossing.

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