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Mount to Arataki Spatial Plan

Mount to Arataki Spatial Plan

Mount to Arataki is a popular spot and it’s growing quickly. With your help we’ve finalised a plan for this much-loved area that will set the direction for the next 30 years.

Update Monday, 25 March 

This plan will undergo a minor revision in the coming week to reflect comments from Commissioners during the Strategy, Finance, and Risk Committee meeting. This will not affect the outcomes and actions of the plan.

With Mauao, the beach, great schools and communities, fantastic shopping, cafes, dining and entertainment options, and a relaxed vibe, we all know Mount to Arataki is a unique and special little corner of the world, and it’s no surprise people want to come here.

In 2023 we asked our community what they love about the Mount to Arataki area, and what matters most as we plan for the future. This is so we can protect the things we love, enhance the things we already have, and make room for the things we want.

Here’s what we heard

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback with us. Following a successful period of community engagement, we have produced a community engagement report, and a draft plan.

Common themes from your feedback included:

  • A desire for more rubbish bins, toilets, showers, seating, barbecues, and shade sails.
  • Maintaining access to the beach while preserving the coastal environment.
  • The need for more road maintenance and safer roads, including separated cycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and the deliberate slowing of traffic in residential areas using measures like roundabouts and speed bumps.
  • Crime reduction and personal safety, particularly in the Bayfair and Arataki area.
  • Enhancing parking and accessibility at key centres.
  • Managing traffic congestion.
  • The need to manage the risk of natural hazards and climate change related impacts including flooding, sea level rise, and tsunami.
  • Concerns were raised regarding air, noise, and water pollution associated with the industrial area.

Mount Spatial Plan - Liveable neighbourhood

Key outcomes

Key outcomes sought through the spatial plan include:

  • Supporting growth around our centres
  • Protection of the environment
  • Improvement to the Arataki/Bayfair area to enhance overall wellbeing
  • Development of Maunganui Road as a multi-modal corridor
  • Improvements to environmental quality and amenity in the Industrial area
  • Recognise and enhance the unique culture and identity of the area.

Key moves map (5.2mb pdf)

Areas of focus

Connected neighbourhoods: provide options for how we move around and get to where we want to go.

Healthy neighbourhoods: allow us to be active, use the spaces around us and interact with them. Healthy neighbourhoods require a healthy environment that is cared for by everyone.

Unique neighbourhoods: tell the story of our people, culture, and history every day. They create pride in the areas that we live in and contribute to a greater community connection between people and places.

Liveable neighbourhoods: allow us to live close to the places that meet our daily needs like shops, schools, and workplaces.

Purpose and outcomes

The purpose of the Mount to Arataki Spatial Plan is to set the direction for how the area develops over the next 30 years. It will enable us to carefully plan the things that need to change now and, in the future, as well as protecting the things people love about the area.

The plan considers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The wellbeing of our communities
  • The way we move around
  • Culture and heritage
  • The natural environment and the features we want to protect
  • Public open space: playgrounds, parks, and community facilities
  • The shopping, entertainment, and business centres; and
  • How to manage the different land uses in the area, including industrial, residential and commercial.

Our survey guided users through these topics, making it easy to share their thoughts.

The final plan will identify actions/projects to be implemented and will inform our decision making going forward, such as directing:

  • What community facilities we invest in
  • How we improve the transport network
  • What infrastructure is required (e.g pipes and roads)
  • Any changes required to the City Plan of where future development should go.

There are some things we can’t change, such as the Government’s new housing rules.

New rules will mean that people will be able to build more on their residential sections without needing sign-off from council, or approval from neighbours. Central government is also requiring us to provide more housing choices around our centres. Your neighbourhood may change over time as development occurs.

More information on Plan Change 33 - Enabling housing supply

There are also a number of other projects that have started, including upgrades to Maunganui Road and locations for some cycleways and bus routes. We will be working alongside active projects in the area to ensure we can create a coordinated plan that recognises some things are already in motion.

As we implement the plan, we will continue to engage with the community, stakeholders and mana whenua.

Want to find out more?

Find out more about other projects happening in the Mount Maunganui area.


We’re looking ahead to make sure we have the right housing, transport, and community spaces to support wellbeing for everyone living in the Mount area now and in the future.

 There are some things that are already underway, such as road upgrades and new planning rules to allow for intensification. We will be working alongside active projects to build better connections and create a unified direction for the Mount. We need to plan for growth in this area so we can maximise the positive things that can come from this and minimise challenges. This is particularly important in the Mount area because:

  • The Mount is a popular spot and it’s growing quickly. Mount Maunganui, including Omanu and Arataki, is expected to see significant growth in the next 30 years
  • The Government has told us we need to provide more housing choice to meet the diverse needs of our community and intensify development across the city, including within the Mount area
  • As the Mount is one of New Zealand’s most desirable place to live, work and visit, it is likely that it will continue to attract interest from developers. The Government’s directive to allow more intensive development makes this an even more desirable area to invest in.

We need to provide and manage infrastructure (such as transport, stormwater), public facilities (such as parks, sports facilities, playgrounds), green spaces, and new private developments in a coordinated and complementary manner to ensure that these are provided in a way that makes the Mount an even better place to live, work and play.

Council is currently amending the rules in our City Plan to meet Central government instructions

This includes:  

  • inserting a set of Medium Density Residential Standards into our relevant residential zones 
  • allow people to build up to three dwellings of up to three storeys on most sections in residential zones, without needing to obtain a resource consent 
  • enable higher density housing with more building height within and around the city centre, and other identified commercial centres across the city and close to public transport. 

This requires a formal plan change process to make changes to the City Plan. Through public notification of the plan change we received a number of submissions relating to the Mount North area, including submissions requesting that we enable additional height there. In response to the submissions received, we are undertaking further assessment of the Mount North area to inform if and where development of four or more storeys (apartments) could be enabled. This technical work and submissions received will be presented as part of the hearings process, to assist with the independent hearings panel recommendations on the proposed plan change. A second hearing is scheduled for October 2023. 

More information on Plan Change 33 - Enabling housing supply

The Mount Maunganui, Te Papa and Ōtῡmoetai areas have been identified by Council and the SmartGrowth partnership as priority areas to support future growth of the city and the wider Western Bay of Plenty. This growth requires long-term planning to identify potential areas that can be used for housing, recreation, sport, infrastructure, green spaces and community facilities and amenities.

More information relating to SmartGrowth and its role in shaping how Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty develops.

The future starts now – but its going to take time! The plan looks to capture the 30-year vision and wishes of the community in the area and also includes a 10-year action plan.

The Council’s function is to enable future development in a way that meets the city’s requirements, but how quickly it occurs is up to the landowners and also subject to a number of other factors such as market demand.

This project will give you an opportunity to have your say on what services and amenities are needed to support future growth in the Mount area.

The project will come up with a plan that captures a 30-year vision for the area and will also include a 10-year action plan. The plan will be, developed by Council with input from the community, mana whenua and key interest groupsstakeholders.

As part of the project we will be working with our regional and central Government partners, local residential and business communities and mana whenua to ensure we get it right for the Mount to Arataki area.

Ensuring that the people who call the Mount to Arataki area home are heard throughout this process is vital to arriving at a plan for future growth that is right for this location. There will be several opportunities for the community to have their say about what they wish to see for the future of the Mount. We are kicking this off shortly with community engagement.

We are looking to get out and talk to the community about what you want to see for the Mount in the future. We will look to pop up around the neighbourhood at community events and local centres to have a chat with you.

Key information

Project type
Arts and culture
Major projects
Parks and recreation
Planning, design and renewal
Transportation and movement


Mount Maunganui / Arataki

Key dates

  • Community tell us what they love and what could make this area even better 

    March-April 2023
  • Use community feedback and technical input to develop a draft plan. 

    May - June 2023
  • Share projects proposed as part of the draft plan for community feedback

  • Use community feedback to help finalise the draft plan. Present the plan to Commissioners for approval

    Late 2023
  • Present the plan to Commissioners for approval

    Early 2024

Who's listening

Community Relations Team
Tauranga City Council
07 577 7000

Other ways to get involved

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