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Development in our city centre

Whanaketanga ki te pokapū taone. Mā te whakapoapoa e tipu ai tō tātou taone?

Development in the city centre. Will incentives help us reach new heights 

We want to talk with you about some other ideas that won’t be included in this LTP, but depending on your feedback, may be explored further and proposed in the future 

The issue  

We’re exploring an option to attract more development in our city. Council is investing significantly in the heart of our city in the coming years, and to optimise the benefits of this investment requires more people living and working there.    

We know that a stronger city centre with more people calling it home will improve the performance of Tauranga’s transport network, resulting in less congestion, delay and carbon emissions. 

What we’re proposing 

Similar to what other growth cities such as Hamilton have implemented, we’re wanting to provide incentives to attract more public and private investment in new development in our city centre.  

The choices  

We have some initial thoughts on a framework for incentivising more development and we’d like to know what you think. 

  • Full or partial grants to offset development contributions
  • Which land uses the grants would apply to (residential and/or non-residential)  
  • The scale of development the grants would apply to (e.g. only to buildings of at least six storeys, or perhaps to the component of a development above six storeys only)  
  • The area in which grants are applied (e.g. just to the core of the city centre, or to a larger area) 
  • The timeframe for construction of developments (with development commencing sooner likely to have priority) 
  • Any limits or caps on the amount of development contribution grants that could be applied, to ensure affordability for ratepayers.  
  • Requirement for a demonstrable benefit from the development to City Centre strategic objectives, and sufficient evidence that the grant would significantly impact the financial feasibility of the development. 

What do you think?

Give us your feedback on this proposal 

Consultation closed 5pm, 15 December 2023.

For more information on what we’re proposing go to page 54 of the consultation document 

Full consultation document (8.9mb pdf)

Other ways to get involved

Tauranga is your city. We’re working to make it even better.

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