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Whakahoutanga ki Elizabeth tiriti

Elizabeth Street upgrade

We’re upgrading Elizabeth Street to create an attractive and safe, people-friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.

The Elizabeth Street upgrade will entail a pedestrian-focused, slow-speed environment for Elizabeth Street and its surrounds. The upgrade also contributes to the ‘green necklace’ of connected walkways around the city centre and reflects the redevelopment of Tauranga’s city centre as a place for people.

What will the upgrade provide?

The upgrade includes changes to the streets surrounding the Thirty Eight Elizabeth development, including Elizabeth Street, Elizabeth Lane, Devonport Road and First Ave.

A significant portion of the project has now been delivered, including:

  • Upgraded intersections and new pedestrian crossings on Devonport Road, First Avenue and Elizabeth Street
  • Street lighting and landscaping
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades
  • Installation of state-of-the-art stormwater treatment units to protect our harbour

The first half of the linear park, between Devonport Road and the entrance to the new Farmers, is complete.

Additional work is underway to complete this project, including:

  • The second stage from the pedestrian crossing to Grey Street will get underway once the crane and scaffolding on the Thirty-Eight Elizabeth development have been removed. The remaining streetscape works are projected to be finished in early 2024.
  • The Laneway between Elizabeth Street Carpark and The Farmers Building will be upgraded to include: trees, landscaping, new paving and seating. See the developed design here: Elizabeth Street laneway upgrade – developed design September 2020 (8.5mb pdf) 
  • This project will link in with the Tunks Reserve and Elizabeth Street East project, with a linear park extending Elizabeth Street down to the harbour’s edge.

Elizabeth Street upgrade – developed design August 2020 (10mb pdf)

Why is Council upgrading Elizabeth Street?

The Thirty Eight Elizabeth development will bring a significant anchor store back to the area, as well as hundreds of new residents.

Council is investing in the streetscape, in partnership with Farmers, with the area in front of the development on Elizabeth Street and the adjacent laneway between First Avenue and Elizabeth Street being the main focuses for the upgrade. 

The upgrade aims to create an attractive, people-focused environment which will complement the Thirty Eight Elizabeth development and also contribute to the revitalisation of Tauranga’s city centre. The Elizabeth Street upgrade is part of the city centre revitalisation approach. This project seeks to improve the amenity of the city centre in order to support and attract investment in residential development and attract new businesses to the city centre. 

Key information

Project type
Parks and recreation
Planning, design and renewal


City centre

Key dates

  • Developed design

    June to August 2020
  • Detailed design - completed

    September to December 2020
  • Wastewater and water upgrades on First Avenue, Elizabeth Street and Devonport Road

    November 2020 to mid 2021
  • Construction of streetscape upgrade

    From May 2021 to June 2022
  • Construction on pause

    From July 2022
  • Construction commenced

    May 2023
  • Completion of streetscape

    April 2024

Who's listening

Spaces and Places Team
Tauranga City Council 
07 577 7000


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This project is part of the work we are doing to revitalise our city centre.

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