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Climate Action and Investment Plan

Tauranga faces significant pressures from the wide-ranging effects of our changing climate. This includes pressures on our native flora and fauna, threats to our marine life and rising sea levels threatening coastal communities and infrastructure. To outline our response to these pressures, we’re developing our Tauranga Climate Action and Investment Plan.

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We’ve been working on the Climate Action and Investment Plan following initial community feedback and now we’re ready for you to check we’re still on the right track.

We’ve developed priority actions to help us reach our goals and we want to know what you think.

Survey closes 5pm Thursday 15 June

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Update - 26 May 2023

We have updated our working draft action and investment plan (AIP) to reflect January to March Committee workshop feedback, and feedback from interested people, groups and organisations who have been involved to date.

We are now seeking wider community feedback on this draft plan, particularly the actions within it, from Friday 26 May to Thursday 15 June, 5pm:

Tauranga Climate AIP - working draft v4 - 10 May 2023 (1.5mb pdf)

You can have your say by clicking on the survey link in the orange box above.

During July we will consider all feedback and update the draft plan accordingly, prior to adoption in August.

Please note that our action and investment plans are roadmaps for how we can achieve Our Direction, but we cannot fund all of them all at once. The “priority actions” within each plan have been put forward for inclusion within our Draft Long-term Plan 2024-2034, and this is clearly shown in the plans. When the Long-term Plan is finalised next year, we will go back and update the actions in these plans to reflect final Long-term Plan funding decisions.

Earlier drafts of the AIP are available below, along with the full set of Strategy, Finance and Risk Committee AIP workshop documents from earlier in the year. The Committee workshops focused primarily on the AIP actions:

Tauranga Climate AIP - working draft v3 - 21 April 2023 (1.5mb pdf)

Tauranga Climate AIP - working draft - 27 March (1.5mb pdf)

Workshop documents

If you would like to be kept informed or to be involved, please contact the project team on or call 07 577 7000 and asking for the Strategy team.

To reduce the drivers of climate change and its effects on our people and city, Tauranga City Council (TCC) is embarking on the development of Tauranga’s first Climate action and investment plan (Climate plan). This will be a proactive response plan to the identified drivers and projected impacts of climate change in the area and is in response to the recently released national Emission Reduction Plan (ERP) and the National Adaptation Plan (NAP).

Aotearoa New Zealand's first emissions reduction plan

The end product of the development process of the Climate Plan is a set of emission reduction targets and resilience goals supported by a prepared roadmap of actions in the form of an Investment Plan.

TCC consider that a climate roadmap (‘Climate Action and Investment Plan’) is crucial to unlocking these aspirations. The Climate Plan will build on the considerable amount of data and information that has been collated by TCC over the past couple of years. It will clearly set out the steps TCC and our community need to take to achieve its goal.

About our Action and Investment Plans

Together our community has decided what’s most important for Tauranga to become a city for the people and live up to its name Tauranga – a place of safe anchorage of wellbeing.

We’ve heard from more than 10,000 people through various methods that they want to live in a place where we prioritise nature, lift each other up and fuel possibility.

Now we’re working on a number of action and investment plans (AIPs) to support those outcomes and set out what new actions we need to take to get there.

Our Action and Investment Plans focus on new actions (not business as usual actions) required to achieve our goals

We know everyone’s time is precious, so we’re not bothering our communities by asking questions we’ve already asked before, but we are checking in on anything new, like the climate action and investment plan, which is a first for this council.

We’re not starting from scratch, we’re building on the great work that’s already been done, including existing strategies and plans that need to be refreshed.

Our AIPs are not comprehensive plans detailing all the business as usual we’re doing in a particular area (that’s all covered in our annual plan and long-term plan documents) – they’re future focused plans centred around specific actions to achieve our goals.

Once we’ve developed the draft plans, we’ll touch base with our communities again to help us prioritise the actions and decide what we need to invest in first. The action plans will be incorporated into our business and any actions that require funding will be considered for inclusion in our upcoming Annual and Long-term Plans.

Key information

Project type



Key dates

  • May to July 2022

    Establish approach to preparing the Climate Action and Investment Plan
  • July to December 2022

    Development of the Climate Plan and Implementation Plan
  • August to December 2022

    Engagement with key stakeholders and community groups
  • December 2022 to January 2023

    Draft Climate Plan
  • May to June 2023

    Consultation with public (through Annual Plan process)

Who's listening

Tauranga City Council

Phone: 07 577 7000


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